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Operating Manual - Mix & Go, Mix & Go Duo kult X

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Operating Manual

Important safety information


▪ Devices can be used by persons with limited physi-

cal, sensory or mental capabilities, and persons lack-

ing experience and/or lacking knowledge, if they are 

supervised or have received instructions regarding how 

the device is to be used safely and have understood the 

resulting hazards.


▪ This device may not be used by children. The device and 

its connecting cable are to be kept away from children.


▪ Children should be supervised in order to ensure that 

they do not play with the device.


▪ The device is always to be disconnected from the 

mains by disconnecting the power plug when there is 

no supervision present or for a fault during operation, 

prior to assembly, disassembly or cleaning.


▪ If the supply cable of this device is damaged, the man-

ufacturer, their customer service or a similarly qualified 

person must replace it in order to avoid hazards.


▪ Use caution when handling the sharp cuttings blades, 

when emptying the jar and when cleaning.


▪ Clean after use all surfaces, which have got in contact 

with food. Follow the notes in chapter „Cleaning and 


Prior to use

The mixer may only be used for its intended purpose according to these operating 

instructions. Therefore, carefully read the operating instructions prior to com-

missioning. It provides instructions for using, cleaning and maintaining of the 

device. We do not assume any liability for any damage if the instructions are not 

observed. Keep the operating instructions well preserved and pass them on to the 

subsequent user together with the device. Also note the warranty information at 

the end. The device is not intended for commercial use, but rather only for the 

preparation of food in common household amounts. 

Observe the safety instructions during use.

Technical data

Rated voltage:  


220 – 240 V~ 50-60 Hz

Power consumption:   

300 W

Protection class: 





Safety instructions


▪ Only connect the device to a properly installed and appropriately earthed 

socket. The lead and plug must be dry. 


▪ Do not pinch the connection lead or pull it over sharp edges, do not let it 

hang down, and protect it from heat and oil.


▪ Do not place the device on hot surfaces such as hotplates etc. and do not 

operate near a naked flame.


▪ Do not pull the mains plug by the lead or pull it out of the socket with wet 



▪ Do not switch the device on if the container is empty.


Wait until the blades have come to a standstill before removing the lid.


▪ Pull out the mains plug before removing the lid.



! Processing hot foods presents a scalding hazard. In extreme cases 

the container could be damaged. Only foods with a maximum temperature of 

60°C may be processed. 


▪ Before replacing accessories or spare parts which move when in operation, the 

device must be switched off and disconnected from the mains.


▪ Do not operate the device and/or immediately remove the mains plug if:



the device or mains cable are damaged



you suspect a defect after it has fallen or a similar incident.  

Send the device to be repaired in these cases.


▪ Do not immerse the drive unit in water.


▪ In the case of misuse, incorrect operation or improper repairs, we accept no 

liability for any damage caused. Warranty payments are also excluded in such 



▪ The device is not intended for commercial use.


The device is intended for the mixing and blending of foods such as fruits and 

vegetables, as well as for the preparation of juices, smoothies and shakes, and 

to crush ice cubes. By using the lid (5), you can use the mixing container (1) as a 

bottle and take your smoothie or juice with you after preparing it.


Clean the device before use as described in the chapter on “Cleaning and Care”.


▪ Cut the food, for example fruit and vegetables, into small pieces and fill the 

mixing container (1) with these. Fill up to the 600 ml mark on the mixing 

container (1) as a maximum.


▪ Now screw in the blade unit (2) by twisting clockwise onto the mixing 

container (1).


▪ Place the mixing container (1) on the drive unit (4). Ensure that the markings 

 on the blade unit (2) align with those on the drive unit (4). Then gently 

twist the mixing container (1) clockwise until it locks into place. 


: The mixer will only switch on if the mixing container (1) is fitted 

correctly. A safety shutdown prevents the device from operating without the 

mixing container (1). 


▪ Now insert the mains plug into the socket.



▪ Press down the start button (3) to start the mixing process.  

The longer the start button (3) is pressed down, the smoother the food will be 



▪ As soon as the desired consistency is achieved, release the start button (3) and 

remove the mains plug.


▪ Remove the mixing container (1) from the drive unit (4). To do this, gently 

twist the mixing container (1) anti-clockwise and then lift it upwards, rotate 

the mixing container (1) so that the blade unit (2) face upwards. 

Unscrew the blade unit (2) by twisting anti-clockwise from the mixing con-

tainer (1). You can now pour out the smoothie or juice. Alternatively, you can 

also use the mixing container (1) as a bottle. Screw the lid (5) onto the mixing 

container (1) to do this.

Crushing ice cubes

Insert up to 4 ice cubes and close the mixing container (1) with the blade unit 

(2). Press the start button for just a few seconds (3). As soon as the ice cubes 

have returned to the bottom of the mixing container (1), you can press the start 

button (3) again for a few seconds. Repeat the process until the crushed ice has 

the desired consistency.

Cleaning and Care

Remove the mains plug after use. Never immerse the drive unit (4) in water, 

simply wipe it with a damp cloth. Do not use any abrasive cleaning agents. Take 

care that when cleaning the blade unit (2) you do not injure yourself on the sharp 


For simple cleaning, you can put the mixing container (1) and the lid (5) in a 




dishwasher safe

can be rinsed 

under running 


wipe with a 

damp cloth

Mixing container 


Blade unit (2)

Drive unit (4)

Lid (5)

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